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Asian-style Atlantic salmon

Asian-style Atlantic salmon


  1. Agama Atlantic salmon fillet
    400 grams
  2. Lime
    1 piece
  3. Garlic
    1 clove
  4. Green onions
    3 stalks
  5. Sesame seeds
    1 tea spoon
  6. Soy sauce
    4 tea spoons
  7. Mirin sauce
    3 tea spoons
  8. Pickled ginger
    2 tea spoons


Step 1.

Mix together in a bowl the soy sauce, mirin sauce and ginger.

Step 2.

Zest the lemon with a fine grater. Squeeze 2 tea spoons of juice.

Step 3.

Cut the Atlantic salmon fillet into large pieces.

Step 4.

Put the fish into a deep glass container and pour the marinade into it.

Step 5.

Put the fish into a baking form, pour some marinade, put on the top smashed garlic and onion.

Step 6.

Thoroughly cover the fish with foil and put into the oven to bake at approximately 180°C for about 20 minutes.

Step 7.

Dredge cut green onion and sesame onto the cooked Atlantic salmon.

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