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Baked Atlantic salmon with delicate leek sauce

Baked Atlantic salmon with delicate leek sauce


  1. Agama Atlantic salmon steak
    400 g
  2. Leek
    2 pcs.
  3. White wine
    75 ml
  4. Vegetable broth
    75 ml
  5. Cream
    75 ml
  6. Butter
    2 tbsp.
  7. Olive oil
    1 tsp.
  8. Small bunch of chives
    1 pc.
  9. Freshly ground black pepper
    to taste
  10. Salt
    to taste


1. Cut the light part of the leek into rings

2. Prepare the sauce: heat in a heavy frying pan butter and olive oil, and stirring heat the leek

3. Lower the heat, add wine, broth and cream to the leek and mix together

4. Put Agama Atlantic salmon steak into the sauce, place over small heat and fry until the fish becomes light from below, then put into the warmed oven for 10-15 minutes

5. Salt, pepper the fish, put on the plate, pour with the leek sauce and sprinkle chives

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