Fine bacon wrapped cod rolls: Step by Step Recipe With Photo and Video

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Fine bacon wrapped cod rolls

Fine bacon wrapped cod rolls


  1. Cod fillet
    400 g
  2. Green beans
    450 g
  3. Raw smoked bacon
    100 g
  4. Carrot
    1 pc.
  5. Garlic
    1 clove
  6. Soy sauce
    20 ml
  7. Vegetable oil


Cut the cod fillet into strips, roll it into mini rolls.

Wrap the mini rolls in bacon strips and bake in the oven heated up to 200 degrees for 10-20 minutes.

Cut carrots in filaments, chop garlic.

Fry beans, carrot and garlic on the hot pan for 5-6 minutes, add soy sauce and stew for another 2-3 minutes.

Serve aromatic rolls with light side dishes of vegetables.

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