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Mussels in cream sauce

Mussels in cream sauce


  1. Agama mussels in shell in own juice
    450 g
  2. Frozen green peas
    1 cup
  3. Olive oil
    1 tbsp.
  4. Leek
    1 pc.
  5. Thyme
    1 sprig
  6. Estragon
    1 sprig
  7. Vegetable broth
    0.75 cup
  8. Cream 20%
    0.25 cup
  9. Fresh mint
    1 spring
  10. Ground pepper
    1 pinch


1. Cut leek, chop estragon, remove thyme leaves, chop mint

2. Heat olive oil in a large stewpan, add leek, thyme and estragon. Cook on a low heat until soft leek.

3. Add broth, green peas and cream, bring to the boil

4. Add Agama mussels in shell in own juice into the stewpan, stir thoroughly. Cook over medium heat for 7 minutes. Shells should open

5. Remove the stewpan from the fire, remove unopened shells. Put the mussels with sauce on the serving plate. Enjoy your meal!

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