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“Single Serving” Cod Loin

“Single Serving” Cod Loin

The new line “Single Serving of Fine Cuisine” features exclusively AGAMA bestsellers! Cod loin is rightfully considered one of the bestsellers and is appreciated as a culinary delight in the whole world. It is the most delicious, toothsome and tender meat, and what is more – it is boneless. Now you can use the most precious part of Atlantic cod fished out in cold waters of Barents Sea to cook 1 serving of your favorite dish or try out a new recipe. A loin part is conveniently packed and can be seen as a whole piece. Besides, the SKIN-PACK technology helps to preserve the high quality of products thanks to a flexible clear film that wraps the content absolutely tightly and takes its shape. Create your culinary masterpieces with pleasure, have fun experimenting and enjoy the results!


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