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“Single Serving” Tiger Prawn

“Single Serving” Tiger Prawn

The new line “Single Serving of Fine Cuisine” features exclusively AGAMA bestsellers! The giant tiger prawn is big in size; it attracts attention with characteristic stripes on the carapace and is well remembered for its amazing taste. You can simply add spices to your tiger prawn or cook a more sophisticated hot meal. Try new recipes again and again with our ” Single Serving of Fine Cuisine” Giant Tiger Prawn. You will find several carefully and conveniently packed tiger prawns in the package, and you will have a chance to examine each one thoroughly. Besides, the SKIN-PACK technology helps to preserve the high quality of products thanks to a flexible clear film that wraps the content absolutely tightly and takes its shape. Create your culinary masterpieces with pleasure, have fun experimenting and enjoy the results!


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