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Cod loin in tomato sauce with black olives

Cod loin in tomato sauce with black olives


  1. Agama cod loin
    400 g
  2. Olive oil
    2 tbsp.
  3. Garlic
    3 cloves
  4. Canned tomatoes with their liquid
    500 g
  5. Sugar
    1 tsp.
  6. Cracked ginger
    2 pinches
  7. Sugar
    1 tsp.
  8. Black olives without pits
    10 pcs.
  9. Chili hot pepper
    1 pod
  10. Salt
    to taste


1. Defrost Agama cod loin, wash it and dry. Season the fish with salt

2. Heat in a big frying pan olive oil together with garlic and hot pepper until it starts to smell

3. Add tomatoes, a pinch of salt and sugar and ginger. Cook over medium heat for approximately 20 minutes.

4. Add black olives and Agama cod loin. Cook for approximately 8 minutes. While cooking turn the fish to another side once. Serve the aromatic fish warm. Enjoy your meal!

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