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Cod loin

Cod loin

“Cod loin (back) is the most valuable part of the fish fillet. Throughout the world loin is considered a delicacy, it is best suited for cooking dishes from cod, since it is the most delicious, tender, juicy fish flesh. It has no bones, so it is very easy to cook Agama loin, and the result is always incredible”.

Cod is an ideal dietary product. It contains 0 g of fat.
Cod is rich in group B, PP vitamins, as well as with phosphorus and iodine

More about our product:
  • Our cod loin is boneless, that’s why even a child can eat it.
  • Loin is a product of ideal form. Because of that it looks like a restaurant dish on your plate.
  • We produce loins out of Atlantic cod. Its flesh is firmer than that of a Pacific cod
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