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King shrimp No. 8 BBQ season

King shrimp No. 8 BBQ season

“We always look forward to the first spring sun to open a BBQ season – the season of tasty food cooked on the open fire, as well as of cosy get-together with family and friends. Not only usual meat can be cooked on fire, but also exceptionally tasty shrimps! The great advantage of shrimps is that they are quickly cooked and at the same time are very wholesome and low in calories. We’ll suggest an easy recipe so that the grilled shrimps will be tasty and juicy!”

More about our product:
  • size of our royal shrimp is practically equal to the one of a tiger shrimp
  • we left shrimps’ tails so that it was more comfortable for you to eat them
  • a shrimp is cooked in a matter of minutes on a grill or in a frying pan
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